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We Create Quality Visions!
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We Create Quality Visions!
(210) 822-8300

 We offer a wide variety of eyewear products, some of which are listed below:

Designer Frames & Sports Eyewear Available:
Are you experiencing the symptoms of Presbyopia?
  • Are you over 40 and having trouble reading fine print?
  • Do you find yourself becoming more dependent on reading glasses?
  • Are your eyes always tired and your vision become blurry after a few hours on the computer?
  • Is it getting harder to see clearly when moving from far to near vision?
  • Is it more difficult to read in low-light conditions?
  • Do you wear bifocals and want to improve your transition from new to far vision?
  • Are you tired of feeling like your vision is compromised?
Or are you a progressive wearer who wants today's sharpest vision?

Introducing Varilux® Physio:  The most advanced progressive lens.

  • Experience the benefits of W.A.V.E. Technology: unsurpassed sharpness and comfort in all fields of vision.
  • When you choose progressives, choose Varilux®, the innovator in progressive lenses
  • Enhance your lenses with Crizal Alize with Clear Guard, for the clearest vision possible with reduced day-and-night time glare.
  • Recommended by the finest eye care professionals.
Ask your eye care professional about Varilux® Physio and Varilux® Physio 360º™.
  • After 40, our eyes gradually lose the ability to focus up close. It’s a natural part of aging called presbyopia.
  • Some people cope with presbyopia by using “readers,” getting two pairs of prescription glasses, or wearing bifocals. But the best way to regain the most accurate and natural vision is with progressive lenses.
  • Progressives allow you to see clearly in all fields of vision: far away, mid-range and up close, with no hard divisions in the lens (as in bifocals). And quality
  • progressives let you move seamlessly from one field to the next, with no uncomfortable head or eye movements.

Varilux® by Essilor has been the leader in progressive lens science since they developed the first pair in 1959.  And today, they have advanced progressives further than ever...with Varilux® Physio.

Varilux® Physio gives you unsurpassed sharpness and comfort.

Far Away:  Guaranteed acuity where you need it most.
Mid- Range:  Up to a 30% wider field of vision than other progressives.
Up Close:  The most accurate near vision, easiest to transition to.
Low Light:  More precision and contrast in low light and night situations.
W.A.V.E. Technology Makes The Difference!

It took Varilux® years of research and 8 exclusive new patents to develop this innovative new design and manufacturing process – giving you unmatched sharpness in a progressive lens that’s easy and comfortable to wear.

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